Belfast Agreement And The Border

See also Hayward, K., How to fix the Irish Border problem, 7 April 2018, On October 2, Johnson presented a possible replacement for the 2018 Irish backstop and proposed that Northern Ireland remain aligned with the EU when it comes to product standards, while remaining on UK customs territory. This would require product controls between Britain and Northern Ireland, but no customs controls for goods that would have to remain in the UK. As regards the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, his proposal would involve customs controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic (perhaps supported by technology implemented far from the border), but not product and security controls on the island of Ireland. [90] The EU opposed this. Belfast Telegraph (12 Feb. 18) – ”Brexit concerns for Welsh ports as Carwyn Jones calls at the maritime border”. ”Every effort must be made to ensure that there is no stiffening of the maritime border between Ireland and Wales after Brexit,” the Welsh Prime Minister said. (Added February 13, 18). In an interview with the Guardian, Chief Constable George Hamilton of the Northern Ireland Police Service (PSNI) said of the border: ”The last thing we want is infrastructure around the border, because it has something symbolic in itself and it becomes a target for violent dissident republicans.”

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