Schlumberger Group Trust Agreement

About Red Hat Red Hat is the world`s leading provider of open-source enterprise software solutions, which uses a community-based approach to provide reliable and powerful Linux, cloud hybrid, container and kubernetes technologies. Red Hat helps customers integrate new and existing IT applications, develop cloud applications, standardize our leading operating system, and automate, secure and manage complex environments. The award-winning support, training and consulting services make Red Hat a trusted Fortune 500 advisor. A strategic partner for cloud providers, system integrators, application providers, customers and open-source communities, Red Hat can help businesses prepare for the digital future. About IBM IBM, industry technology and expertise combine to help Oil and Gas customers reinvent their businesses for resilience and sustainability. Advances in materials science at IBM Research are accelerating the energy transition. Data science and AI take the guesses of exploration. Predictive Asset Management increases production throughput. Supply Chain Insights and Blockchain create trust and transparency throughout the downstream ecosystem. Customer experience experts reorganize consumer connections to the gas pump or electric charging station. With these solutions, IBM is helping Oil and Gas customers become smarter. Learn more: Through the agreement with IBM and Red Hat, Schlumberger has committed to using Red Hat OpenShift exclusively. The use of the containerized platform allows applications to be provided in the DELFI environment in any infrastructure, from traditional data centers to multiple clouds, including private and public clouds.

This new type of hosting offers the ability to use multiple cloud providers and will address critical issues for customers and facilitate inland delivery in the country in accordance with local rules and data stay requirements. ”The logic, purpose and differentiation of all businesses can now be presented in the code, which is why digital innovation has become the most powerful way to advance transformation, and the hybrid cloud is the lever that unleashes it,” said Arvind Krishna, IBM`s Chief Executive Officer. ”With Schlumberger, we are en allowing a much larger group of participants to play a role in this transformation and help the energy sector solve some of the world`s toughest challenges to be stronger.” Schlumberger supports many of the world`s largest oil and gas companies and is at the forefront of digitization across the energy sector. He established the DELFI environment as the industry`s leading cognitive environment, where energy experts now access open APIs, to cooperate, regardless of role, workflow or physical location, and to develop solutions that significantly improve activities. Media Moira Duff Corporate Communication Manager, Schlumberger Limited Office: (713) 375-3494 Sarah Meron IBM Vice President, Corporate Communications Office: (914) 499-6435 `Ber Schlumberger Schlumberger` is the world`s leading provider of technologies for reservoir characterization, drilling, production and processing in the oil and gas industry. With product and service sales in more than 120 countries and approximately 85,000 employees by the end of the second quarter of 2020, representing more than 170 nationalities, Schlumberger provides the industry`s most comprehensive product and service offering, from exploration to production, and integrated pipeline pore solutions that optimize hydrocarbon recovery to sustainably increase tank performance. The DELFI environment includes state-of-the-art data analytics and artificial intelligence, which use multiple data sources, automate workflows and facilitate seamless cooperation for domain teams.

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