Wedding Agreement Cast

Tari is immediately confronted with a marriage contract with Bian, which states that they would divorce within a year because their marriage is only for the benefit of his parents. The story doesn`t need to guess if we already know where the ending is. However, it is something that can be appreciated. Like a wedding movie that slips the religious side of the marriage agreement, including those who are not condescending. Bian 🙂Sarah was targeted for 5 years, continued to be asked to wait 1 year for his girlfriend to marry another Cewe. Diewita dance, although the innocent hand of the cewe dance catches the same Cowo Aja ever. Then Tari again asked for compensation for Sarah`s early arrival. Tari asked Bian to accompany him for a weekend walk. Tari invited Bian to take the MRT through Jakarta.

There, Bian recounts the origin of his relationship with Sarah and the link with his mother`s illness. Bian feels confused because he begins to love Tari, Tari only asks for the time of his marriage contract to try to enjoy his marriage and become a devoted wife. In the evening, Tari will watch with Ami, but Bian forbids him and asks Tari to accompany him to watch romantic movies at home (with pieces by Romeo + Rinjani). When there is a kiss scene in the movie that is seen, Tari closes his eyes and immediately enters the room, but is captured by Bian, and Bian is back to Bian`s room, where they finally have sex. After that, they kept watching. If a separate scene is shown in the film, Tari says, if they ever separate, Tari will pray that Allah will reunite them. Bian receives a call from Sarah telling him that he has another accident and that he is being treated, at first Bian does not want to pick him up, but Tari allows it. Ria Ricis is my only problem in this film.

Their acting was boring.

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