Victorian Stand-Alone Community Health Services Agreement

The autonomous employers in the field of municipal health covered by the current EBA are: negotiations will continue on 3 February 2020. The ANMF remains committed to doing everything in its power to conclude a new EBA before the current agreement expires on 31 March 2020. Future salary increases for the new EBA will be included in the current EBA and will be transferred to the new EBA. On 12 July, VAHPA and the Victorian Hospitals` Association (VHIA) reached an agreement in principle on an agreement on a new company agreement for the autonomous health of the Community. Two weeks later, VAHPA members came together to respond to the merits […] The ANMF is pleased that the autonomous municipal health centres have received correspondence from the Ministry of Health and Human Services, which should allow us to promote a single EBA for the general public sector. Autonomous municipal health centres are those that are not managed by a public hospital. Public health professionals will become Australia`s lowest-paid healthcare professionals if their contract offer is available this week. The opportunity to fight for better pay and conditions can only come if health […] A mass meeting of delegates this week means that VHPA`s community health campaign will kick off 2014 with a bang. The Community Health Delegates have been contacted in recent days to invite them to a mass meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. […] Nearly 100 Victorian Allied health experts today shot down tools as part of VAHPA`s Defending Community Health campaign.

Workers in the long-neglected sector recently received a pay raise of about two and a half years […] Members of the establishments mentioned below should shortly receive a communication on workers` representation rights (a legal obligation for every employer) inviting workers to appoint their negotiator. The ANMF is the standard representative of negotiators for members and members are not required to take action. We are pleased to inform you that the vote in favour of the Multi-Employer Allied Health Professionals Agreement was a success. Negotiations on the new public EBA continued on 20 and 28 January 2020. Members` responses to the annual leave survey have been overwhelming and we thank members for their support. Nine Victorian health centres are currently voting on a company deal offered by management outside the UNION. The proposed agreement is lower than several levels and would have negative effects in the event of a vote […] Among the most important topics that were discussed during the last negotiations, community health professionals in 7 community health centers sent a resounding message to management to reject the low-quality, non-union company agreement offered last week by management in 9 centers. The results are slow […] . . . .

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