Agreement Between God And Moses

In form, an alliance is an agreement between two people and includes promises from each against the other. The concept of a union between God and his people is one of the central themes of the Bible. In the biblical sense, an alliance involves much more than a contract or a simple agreement between two parties. From this overview of how the covenant was made between God and Israel, we can answer our second question: what are the divine promises and human conditions of this covenant? What is God committed to? And what does he ask his ally? The Old Testament contains many examples of alliances between people who have linked on an equal footing. David and Jonathan, for example, made an alliance because they loved each other – this agreement required each of them to perform certain tasks (1 Sat. 18:3). But note that these precepts are the nucleus of the union that is concluded between God and the people of Israel. They are ”the words of the covenant” (Exodus 34:28) and are called ”the covenant” itself (Deuternomy 4:13). When they are finally written on stone tables, they are placed in the ark (Deuternomy 10:5), later known as ”the ark of the covenant” (numbers 10:33; 14:44; Deuteronomy 10:8; 31:9, 25-26).

It is precisely in Protestant circles that we have blurred the line between clergy and laity, and all this is not bad. In fact, we`re all priests. But with this blurred line, we have come to the conclusion that spiritual leaders are no different from others, that there are no special qualifications and that the standard of behaviour is no greater for leaders than for community members. It`s wrong and unwritten! Another part of the covenant concerned the sanctity of human life, that is, ”he who sheds the blood of man through which man sheds his blood; for it is in the image of God that he made man” (Gen 9:6). Every time we see a rainbow today, we are reminded of this agreement – this alliance has not been eliminated. As long as God sends rainbows after a storm, the death penalty will always be part of God`s law for humanity. Abraham and his children were prescribed to be circumcised as a ”sign of the covenant” between them and God (for 17,10-11). The covenant between God and the Jews is the basis of the idea of the Jews as the chosen people. The Jewish alliance is still an important part of the Jewish religion today. The Mosaic Alliance or the Mosellan Law, which Christians, unlike the New Covenant, generally call ”the Old Covenant,” played an important role in the organization of Christianity. It was the source of serious quarrels and quarrels that could be seen in Jesus` controversy over the law during his sermon on the mountain, the controversy of circumcision in early Christianity and the antiochian incident, which led the scholar to challenge the relationship between Paul of Tarsus and Judaism.

The Book of Acts of the Apostles says that Stephen, the first Christian martyr, was killed after the Ascension of Jesus while he was accused of opposing the temple of Jerusalem and the Mosaic Law. [11] Later, the Council of Jerusalem dealt in Acts 15:1-21 with the controversy of circumcision in Primitian Christianity. The concept of a union began long before the biblical era, especially the beginnings of Israel. After George E. Mendenhall,[3] alliances were originally created as legal customs and then imitated in the field of religion.

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